Turner Real Estate Welcomes Federal Government Housing Stimulus Package

Lachlan Turner | September 24, 2021
Turner Real Estate Welcomes Federal Government Housing Stimulus Package

The Government has recently announced a housing stimulus package. Here at Turner Real Estate we welcome this package and believe it will deliver many positives to the sector, both in the short and longer term.

Lachlan Turner, Director of Turner Real Estate comments “The building industry is such an integral part of the housing market, and so many South Aussies are employed in this sector, so this announcement is very targeted and will help bring forward big jobs or builds, or help people into their first home.”

“The strength of this measure is it’s not just focused on first homebuyers – it can also be used by families ready to upgrade their home and that’s a smart measure.”

“For the wider real estate market, there will be a long-term positive as people will have upgraded homes to resell in the future and for those who have built a new home, it’s adding to our housing market stock to keep a healthy market of supply and demand.”

Commenting on how the sales market was currently performing, Lachlan Turner said that there was still decent buyer interest out there, and with stock low, properties were still being snapped up.

“We’ve already had quite a few off market sales, as well as properties which have been released publicly and they have attracted sold interest, excellent offers and great final results for the sellers.”

“Of course the market has slowed a little, but there are genuinely still serious buyers and sellers in the market which is keeping some momentum there.”

Turner Real Estate is also one of Adelaide’s largest property management companies, and Lachlan states that the rental market was still solid also.

“There have people who have been affected considerably by COVID19 financially, but we are finding that with solid communication on both sides – landlords and tenants – these situations are being tightly and respectfully managed and nearly 95% of tenants are still making their rental payments.”

“This is important to note, as it’s often the tough situations which are highlighted in the media – and they are there – but many Aussies are getting through this tough time and meeting their financial obligations.”

“The majority of tenants being able to pay their full rent also means that the rental market will remain stable in the medium to long term which is important for the many hundreds of thousands investors, largely mum and dad’s, who are investing for their retirement.”

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Article by Lachlan Turner

Managing Director
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