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Emergency Maintenance


Emergency maintenance should be reported if there is a serious threat to a tenant’s health and safety or the structure of the property.
There are many things that are high priority but not necessarily an emergency and it’s important to understand the difference; because if it is deemed to not be an emergency you can be held responsible for the bill.
Common issues that are important, but not an emergency are:
  • A broken hot water service
  • A blocked toilet if there are two toilets on the property
  • Slow draining pipes
  • Leaking taps (if you are concerned about water wastage, switch supply off at the road when not required)
  • Locking yourself out of the property (this is the tenant’s responsibility but during working hours we will try to assist where possible –  please call us to see if we can loan you the office set of keys for 24 hours)
  • One fuse in the house blowing repeatedly
Of course, this maintenance should still be reported below for appropriate follow up by your property manager on the next business day, just be sure not to mark it up as an emergency so that there are no unexpected costs for you as the tenant later.
Issues that are emergency include:
  • Flooding of the property (which cannot be contained)
  • The properties power short circuiting or any other indication the power is tripping or being shocked by a tap
  • Structures within the property collapsing
  • Property break in and property is no longer secure
  • A gas leak
  • Serious fire damage


Have you got a general maintenance request?

Please submit the form below for all general maintenance requests, starting with the mobile number we have on file.
For out-of-hours emergencies, call 08 8468 1000