If I Am A Buyer, Where Is The Best Place To Search For Properties?

Lachlan Turner | September 24, 2021
If I Am A Buyer, Where Is The Best Place To Search For Properties?

There is more to this question than first meets the eye. Perhaps your first thought, is the major real estate web site portals and there is certainly merit in that but individual agencies are starting to become a force in their own right.

Most real estate agencies across Australia, as we do here at Turner, use the major portals to promote our clients properties for sale and rent. There is justified merit in doing this, as the seller can be confident that ALL buyers are being made aware of their property, which can increase competition, uncover the buyer that no agent was aware of and ultimately achieve a higher selling price.

However, some agencies are using sophisticated technology to create their own database of buyers and in turn, becoming ‘mini’ portals for buyers and sellers in their own right. While some agencies have been doing this and some better than others, over the past few years, we have seen more of a focus on this service since Covid19. There are several reasons for this:

  • Increased hygiene and safety with inspections by appointment, as opposed to public open inspections
  • When money is a bit tighter, the initial market release to an agencies buyers may result in selling with reduced marketing expenses
  • Provides an avenue to initially test the market value in uncertain times
  • Buyers get exclusive notification of properties before the ‘full’ market
  • Agency owners are increasingly realising that they have the benefit to meet and capture buyer details for cross selling

Here is an example of our landing page containing exclusive TURNER sale properties:

Click here to explore our exclusive portal –

If I was a buyer today, I would register myself with the agencies that provide the registered buyer service AND set up alerts on the major web site portals. We have evolved from having to just look in the paper to then searching on all major web site portals, to now registering with agents (where that service is offered) as well, to ensure that we are first to know when the new stock hits the market. For the small inconvenience of having to register with individual agents, you will be rewarded by being notified of all listings, both on and off market.

Are you interested in learning more about the process involved in a pre-release sale? Click here to discover more.

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Article by Lachlan Turner

Managing Director
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