The Turner Real Estate Impact Fund has been created to engage the Turner Team, clients, friends and the Turner family in giving back to the Community.
Impact Fund Mission Statement

As a real estate company, we assist people with one of life’s essential needs – shelter, or a place to call home. Part 1 of our mission is to pre-empt causes that
lead to disadvantaged situations that may result in homelessness and to support people that are already homeless.

Part 2 is to preserve our precious planet and wildlife by supporting actions around carbon emission reduction, carbon neutrality, supporting renewable energy sources and protecting ecosystems and wildlife.

Current Fundraising Activities

Trees For Habitat

For every property sold, we are planting a tree to create another home, this time for the Regent Parrot.

These trees will create a vegetation corridor near Renmark, to link the parrot’s feeding and nesting sites along the River Murray with an existing patch of mallee woodland.

The revegetation includes a broad range of local native species to provide important sources of protection and food.

Dress for Success

Being a property management company, we are often part of someone’s journey when their circumstances in life change. We help them get back on their feet to find a rental but we have found our help can extend further in other ways, like seeking employment. With inspiration from Ava Turner, we have already donated to a charity named ‘Dress for Success’, which empowers women at the time of a job interview, by supplying barely worn business attire clothes. To donate professional women and men’s clothing, please drop off at our office at 49 Greenhill Road Wayville SA 5034.

Hutt St Centre

One of our core company values is helping people fulfill their basic need of finding ‘shelter’, and alleviating homelessness is a natural fit for a real estate company to support. Hutt St Centre offers a place of connection and support, where people facing homelessness are empowered to rebuild their lives, rediscover their identities and reconnect with those who love them.


Turner Real Estate, through the Turner Impact Fund, proudly aligns itself with the driving force behind Homes4Good, Shelter SA–the peak body for housing in South Australia. Shelter SA brings together like-minded organisations and individuals to work collaboratively towards the common goal of making affordable housing a reality for those who need it the most.

At the core of Homes4Good’s mission is a dedication to providing affordable housing options.

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