About Tyson

Tysons’ motivation to help people and ultimately succeed in his own life has been born through his mother's’ struggles and ultimate success.

Tyson and his younger brother were raised by their single mum who worked three jobs to keep the household going and only recently was nominated for the Thanks A Million campaign in recognition of keeping the community safe throughout the Covid pandemic.

Tysons love for his community and people has been strongly influenced by his upbringing and the many sports clubs he has been involved in. He has gained many life experiences from travelling with his family while also achieving his school and sporting team captaincies.

Tysons genuine foundation of valuing community and people is ideal for a career in real estate, as its all about the people after all.

Tysons passion for real estate is shown in how he communicates and connects with his clients, knowing what his clients needs and wants are for their dream home.

No client, sale, home or experience is the same and Tyson makes sure to personalise each interaction, ensuring that all his clients are satisfied. ‘Tyson puts your best interests first’.

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