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What Does A Property Manager Do in South Australia? Responsibilities Unvailed

Nathan Reade | November 13, 2023
What Does A Property Manager Do in South Australia? Responsibilities Unvailed


When it comes to consulting with a property manager, it is integral to understand the role that they play throughout the rental process. Knowing the services they offer and the benefits they can provide can help relieve the stress of managing your property yourself. In this blog post, we’ll provide a full breakdown of the purpose of property managers to guide you toward managing your property effectively and efficiently.

Property managers exist to assist you in your investment property ventures, ensuring that you receive full assistance when dealing with tenants, legalities, maintenance and more. While their services can be invaluable to property owners, there are also substantial costs that come with hiring a property manager that must be considered.

There are a multitude of responsibilities that property managers sustain:

  • Marketing properties: They advertise your property on key rental websites.
  • Hosting inspections: Property managers will organise and hold inspections.
  • Collecting rent: Taking care of transactions between the tenant and owner. 
  • Inspecting property: They conduct regular inspections of the property to verify its upkeep.
  • Overseeing documents: Property managers will create and distribute mandatory legal documents, lease agreements, insurance forms and more.
  • Coordinating maintenance: Making necessary communications to arrange repairs and property maintenance.
  • Evaluating property: They will conduct a full evaluation of your property to establish its economic value.

Certain agencies may offer additional services beyond these. Depending on the company, some property managers like Turner Real Estate can take on extra duties, such as regulating property risk management, attending tribunal hearings or facilitating insurance claims.

An important factor to consider is the amount you are willing to pay for a property manager. The greater expectations you have for a property manager in relation to your property will require a larger financial commitment. 

The exact base cost of managing your property will also be dependent on the demands of the company. Reviewing your budget, finalising what you want from a property manager and discussing this with your chosen agency will ensure that the rental process goes smoothly.

Article by Nathan Reade

Marketing Coordinator