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Josh Edgar's career is built on communication and a meticulous, diligent, cutting-edge approach to getting the job done for his clients. Many keep coming back to Josh and recommending him to friends, because they know his powerful work ethic and streamlined style get results.

Josh's passion for working with people and property goes hand in hand with his desire to help clients open exciting new chapters in their lives. His diverse life experiences have all contributed to his mature, yet fresh formula for selling real estate.

First and foremost, Josh understands the importance of maintaining strong lines of communication. He says it's crucial not only in finding the right buyers and negotiating with them, but also keeping his sellers right up to date with the process, so they can put their head on the pillow at night knowing it's all under control.

Using up-to-the-minute marketing tools, Josh describes himself as an "in the now" real estate professional. His clever skills with technology team perfectly with a commitment to personal service, bringing innovative and traditional ideals seamlessly together.

Josh's down-to-earth personality and calm, supportive manner translate to a genuine desire to find out what clients want to achieve from their sale. Having been a real estate buyer himself, he has a keen eye for detail and the drive to make your dream a reality - whether it's to maximise an investment, moving forward to your chosen destination, or both.

"Focus and discipline are needed for the right result in real estate and I'm always prepared to do that extra phone call, show the buyer through the property one more time and follow up every lead to secure a successful sale for my clients."

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