Damien Carey

Damien Carey

Senior Property Manager

About Damien

Since joining the company he has become the expert in the intricacies of The Residential Tenancies Act 1995 and his experience and broad knowledge of the industry is a valuable resource many other companies just don’t have. His interests in property development, building and architecture give him a depth of knowledge about all aspects of property that many an owner has benefited from over the years.

He loves to work with property owners who understand that owning a rental property is a responsibility and looking after the property and keeping long term, happy tenants is the best way to ensure their rental returns are maximised and their properties appreciate. Many of the owners in his portfolio have become so confident in his skills and abilities that they have become almost completely “hands off” with their properties. They can relax knowing they are being well looked after without worrying about the day to day issues.

Damien’s style of management is best described as professional, he knows his stuff, treats everyone courteously and there is very little in property management that he has not already mastered.

He was raised in one of Adelaide’s oldest and most respected real estate families so the business is “in his blood” and he loves it.

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