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Our property management clients are the benchmark of our business and we’re not afraid to ask them for feedback andwhat they would like to see as part of our service.

84% of our landlords said they were highly likely to recommend us to family and friends (the survey was conducted by independent company, Insightrix Research, with over 540 landlords responding).

This is just a selection of the comments they had about our service:

Everything that Damien has said that he will do for us, he has; phone calls and emails are returned promptly.  We have had no problems with our rent, bills being paid or tenancy up to this point.  Overall very happy with our service.

Deborah keeps me well informed of any issues with the tenancy and always responds to my requests quickly and professionally.  I think Deborah is an excellent property manager.  I’ve know many property managers over the years as a landlord.  The company should do what they can to keep Deborah in the event she ever wants to leave!  She is a real asset to Turner's business.

Jacqui has a friendly, professional approach to her dealings regarding our property.  She advises us promptly on arising concerns and follows up work needed.  She is good at keeping the flow of communication

Kara has been very helpful and communicative.  She is responsive to any issues or queries and managed the follow up from a difficult, non-compliant tenant very professionally.  Kara did a fantastic job of finding a new tenant very quickly.

Every time I contact Michael, he always calls back and his service is great.

Michele is one of the most approachable and helpful people.  She fixes any problem small or big within no time and very efficiently.  Couldn’t have asked for a better person to manage our property.

Sandra is an excellent property manager.  She is easy to get in touch with, answers queries promptly and I feel she cares about the type of tenant we have and the property.

Sherrie is very knowledgeable and businesslike when managing my properties.  When she has been on leave, the person looking after her portfolio has not provided the same level of attention to my properties that Sherrie provides.  Sherrie looks after my properties as if they are her own.

Steve is very personable and on each occasion that I need to contact him, the issue is addressed in a timely manner.  I have dealt with Steve for approximately 15 years and feel comfortable with his management of our property.

Sue is always very helpful, and communicates well.  Since commencing as my property manager, I haven't had any major issues with tenants, as I did previously.  Sue also does deal with any minor tenant issues very effectively, and makes life a lot easier for me as an owner!

Anne has always been on top of everything and is not frighten to ring me with anything.

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