Alf TalottaLicensed Auctioneer (Master) MSAA

Reviews and Testimonials on Alf

"A more than successful outcome financially when selling with Alf, combined with the most efficent and friendly service."  Mrs Davis

"In a nutshell 'VERY IMPRESSED' with Alf." Janice

"Alf organised effective and appropriate advertising.  There was always adequate time given to discussions.  Business was conducted calmly and professionally and with respect and dignity." Wendy

"Alf is very professional and is enthusiastic without the 'hype' of some agents." Philip

"My highest commendation for advising and assisting at a time which I found most stressful.  Alf's calming words, professional approach and excellent ideas on marketing reassured me that everything would be ok and we achieved a great outcome." Janettte



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